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Velhagen & Klasing, 1904 - 168 pages

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Page 122 - The subject of this memoir received from the University of Cambridge, the honorary degree of Master of Arts, He was one of the first members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a member of the Massachusetts Historical Society, and he contributed by his pen to the stock of useful materials for their respective publications.
Page 6 - Gospels, who, though all his own debt had been forgiven him, yet compelled his fellow -servant to pay him to the uttermost farthing? Let your mind be at rest as to my forgiveness ; would to God that your freedom were dependent on it, so that we might soon be happy again. ... I pray that God will hear my petition ; so that they will spare and have mercy upon us ; for it is certain that, should I hear the news of your death, I should die myself of a broken heart. The words though of her Grace...
Page 6 - Liebden) feel now somewhat comforted. I did not imagine that you could ever think, that I should make great difficulty in this matter, as indeed I have not done. How could I ever be so cruel as to add to your great distress and tribulation. On the contrary I feel as if I could even give my own hearts-blood to help you.
Page 146 - Some throw themselves furiously on the murderers and try to tear from them their deadly weapons; others piteously plead for mercy; whilst others cast themselves weeping over the tiny corpses of their children, which they bear tenderly away, or hold up their arms in wild grief to heaven , whence angels descend with crowns of martyrdom (Fig.
Page 41 - Petersburg; in 40 which against the dark background of a precipice the hero is seen advancing. Upon his waving locks Victory places a crown of bay, whilst around the figures of the rescued maiden, Victory, the winged horse and the fearful Gorgon's head hover a number of laughing cupids. In the foreground we may observe...
Page 101 - First of all I would wish to mention a secret armistice and peace transaction, directed by Peter Paul Rubens, the celebrated painter, between the United Provinces and those which still belong to the dominions of the King of Spain.
Page 104 - He reserved for himself, however, the admirable and life-like drawing of the Duke so celebrated for his good looks, — which is now in the Albertina Collection at Vienna (Fig.
Page 56 - ... it is clear that these were inadequate emoluments for so important a post, and it is not surprising that many of the Master Shipwrights kept private shipbuilding...
Page 100 - Against a background of dark grey and brilliant yellow clouds, from which demons hurl down fire upon the town, the fugitives are setting out; upon whom a flood of light pours from the city gates.
Page 112 - France will be like thunder without lightning, which will make a noise in the air without producing any effect, for it is a compound of divers tempers brought together in a single body against their nature and constitution, and more by passion than reason.

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