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Justice was not served by the detectives in the stroy "How to Solve a Murder" June 12, 1995. and many lives will never be the same. I hope NEw York Magazine will write the wrong done, by publishing the Cathy Watkins Story. It carries more truth
I would like for you to hear Cathy Watkins story from her letters writen over 13 years ago,
Some people do not understand me and how I am coping with this situation, but I can understand why they don't, because God said that they won't. I say this because at one point, I paticipated in this program called "Choices & Change". In short, this program is where the women bascially discuss diverse issues that they were effected by during the childhood years into adulthood. I am not saying that I lived a perfect life. But I did not have much negative to say about my childhood years. Because although, I was not born into a rich wealthy family, I consider my mom's struggling a blessing. Nevertheless, I would briefly speak on this unjust arrest and conviction. They would say "well if you are innocent how can you be so calm about the situation". In response to that, I would say it is for Gods grace and mercy that I have made it this far. I would tell them it is not that I'm calm. But what can I do but wait for God and maintain myself. I believe that God has allowed this situation in my life for a reason and in time it will be revealed. But until then I must continue to trust that he does have a plan for my life. Besides, he is also giving me strength to bare the pain. Because I could never imagine dealing with the loss of my mom on my own strength.
However, there are times when I do say, God why me? What have I ever done in my life to deserve this? And there seem like a small voice comes to me and say "Do you remember what you asked for". This goes back to some time in Dec of 1994. I was coming back home from a party and once I reached my place of resiodent I thanked God for watching over me and allowing me to make it home safe. Then I began top say "God I am tired of this partying life style it is not for me, don't get it wrong I thank you for everthing that I am blessed with, a roof over my head, a lovely child, sufficient food and all material needs in my house". But something is not right I felt that I was lacking something. I sincerely said what ever you have to do to deter me from this living situation do it.
Words from Cathy Watkins letters. Why we always believe in her innocence.

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