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Dapeng, Japan strengthen anti breast cancer drug development and sales
Taiho Pharmaceutical Company of Japan announced that it will strengthen the development and sales of the breast cancer
treatment drug. They plan to extend the scope of the anti-cancer agent to breast cancer patients, and sales in the second half of 2005. Currently, breast cancer patients in Japan there are about 3 million people, the treatment of breast cancer drug market size of 100 billion yen a year, will be added in the future.
Taiho Pharmaceutical decided to start with the anti-cancer agent TAS-1 intended to expand to breast cancer patients. TAS-1 "is currently available for gastric cancer and colorectal cancer, with sales of approximately 17 billion yen. At present, the clinical trials of anticancer agents for breast cancer has ended, has also been certified by the relevant departments. Is expected to be used only for a breast cancer drug can achieve peak sales of about 20 billion yen a year. Can inhibit cancer <a href="">TSU-68</a> early this year, will also enter the large-scale clinical trials, and plans in domestic sales in 2008. Taiho Pharmaceutical in Japan and the United States at the same time "TAS-108" anticancer agents in clinical trials.
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