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Subject: Re: Book for diabetes cure & eradication.
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2014 22:22:50 IST
Thank you for contacting the Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance.
Your message is very important to us and we respond to each email individually. It may take up to three business days for a response.
Your passion and dedication are essential to create focus in type 1 diabetes cure research.
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Together our voices our powerful- let's unite to ensure our donations are used toward Practical Cure research.
Cara Murphy
Associate Marketing Manager
Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance
Thank you for your letter you wrote me that your passion and dedication are essential to creating focus in type 1 diabetes cure research.
But, I can say that my method is for all type of diabetes cure and correct metabolic disorder
Now, I want to give you explanations for type2 diabetes. In diabetes type 2 our body gets resistance against insulin and not able to absorb orally, this kind of people depend upon injections. It is necessary to explain the readers that by the lack of chromium in our body the ability of absorb insulin become finish. Then the metabolic process get disturb. We gets chromium from air, water,furits, vegetables, soils and others food grains. If our body gets more chromium then there are many kinds of disorders comes.
The requirement of chromium in our body is, for females 29 to 39 micrograms and for male’s 39 to 54 micrograms .Many researchers tells a little difference for this requirement.
Chromium is a Mattel which is use for much purpose. By mixing it we make Mattel hard, soft, bright and durable. The need of chromium trees, plants, and all creature in micro units. Soils also gets chromium but now a days many lands have no chromium by this reason we are giving chromium in the lands. Now we can understand that if there is no chromium in the lands then what is the position of the chromium in the fruits vegetables and food grains then the deficiency of chromium in the body will be must.
Nature given us very special gift that if any substance lacks in our body then body want to make itself but after long time the process become failure. For example we can take bile juice we can not get it anywhere out of our body or all creatures’ .in bile juice want more research. it is prepare by our liver by this substance our food would be digested. By this way when our body lack any substance then our body fight for that substance and want to supply itself. Instead of its mechanism our metabolic process is also want to correct it.
For chromium there are two mechanisms
(1) In our body sulfur present in micro grams which is known as cystine we will get it by our food materials .But now a days in our land have also deficiency by this reasons our food also lack sulfur. So we need this substance by other side. Sulfur also helps our pancreas to produce Insulin .In stomach by synthesis sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid makes chromium by this way we can fulfill our chromium needs.
(2) Lactoperoxidase , oxidizes and lacto ferine secreted by our salivary glands which is similar to the lactic acid.
Till now we know lactoperoxidase and lacto ferine as a anti bacteria .But some part of it by oxidation makes chromium. Which’s helps us in our digestion. This is more in our child hood and when we get old then the portion of its reducing. We can know the deficiency of its more easily. When any young or old take milk then he got diarrhea or stomach disturbance due to lack of lactic acid, because in milk there is to much lactose.

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