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Here is, in one weekly Life issue, an in depth and graphic peek at the mood and reality of America during the weeks before the attack on Pearl Harbor.
History popular history, the history we teach
our kids today, has recorded events very differently.
Current events, as reported, even by a biased fifth estate, is the best true picture of what was going on and what occurred.
History is wrong quite often.
See for yourself. This is what Life recorded the week before the Day that shall forever live in infamy, the sneak attack on Hawaii's Pearl Harbor Naval Base, December 7, 1941, when I was 2-days old.
We were totally prepared for that "sneak attack" We been preparing for years, months, weeks, and days. The aircraft carriers were sent south out of Pearl just as this Life went to press.
The editor, Henry Luce, also the owner and editor of Life and Time, was the self-appointed shadow secretary of state, having run for president and lost, the John McCain of the 1930's.
He has an most revealing editorial written a week before the attack, describing gleefully how prepared and eager America was to teach those Japs a lesson. It would all be over in a matter of months,declared Henry B. Luce. And then, thee is the issue's lead article, written the last days of November...US Prepares for Showdown With Imperial Japan.
The attack was a week later.
Life Magazine, read by tens of millions of Americans in the years before TV, was the major news source for the nation. They were enlisted in informing and preparing the nation about the war that would break in just days.

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