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The tales of the Arabian Nights have long been the focus of scholarly research and critique, but no English language work has ever attempted an all-embracing treatment of them. The fruit of years of research, The Arabian Nights Encyclopedia is the first comprehensive reference work introducing both the Arabian Nights and the context of their genesis and aftermath in Near Eastern, European, and world culture.

Editors Ulrich Marzolph, one of the world's foremost scholars of Near Eastern narrative culture, and Richard van Leeuwen, a prominent scholar of the Arabian Nights, present detailed, authoritative, and up-to-date research on virtually all aspects of the tales, including major protagonists, themes, important translations, textual history, adaptations, reworkings, works inspired by the Arabian Nights, and aspects of literary theory, and provide extensive bibliographies for each tale. In addition to the 800+ encyclopedic entries and numerous essays, the work introduces research that has not previously been published, making it an invaluable resource to scholars, educators, students, and the general public, as well as an essential addition to the core collection of academic and public libraries.


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This is a terrific resource - I've been writing a paper on orientalist retellings of the "Arabian Nights" stories, and these volumes have information I would have been hard-pressed to find elsewhere. I truly appreciate the raw materials it offers, as well as, in the analysis sections, the diversity of opinions and the variety of theoretical approaches.
My one complaint is the lack of true footnotes in the essay portion of the publication. Authors provide a source list but do not footnote specific quotes, which I'm sure was not intended -- it's important to know where the quoted phrases are coming from, particularly for someone in my position, who's interested in mining this book for its Bibliography as much as for its rich scholarship.
This two-volume set should be in every academic library -- right now in the entire city of Boston there seems to be just one copy of the encyclopedia available -- luckily, for anyone else who's doing this kind of research, it's accessible through Boston Public Library. Thanks to the folks who chose to take on this important project.


Introductory Essays
The Phenomenon of the Arabian Nights
The World of the Arabian Nights
Appendix 1 Concordance of Quoted Texts
Appendix 2 Closely Corresponding Stories Quoted in the Arabian Nights Encyclopedia
Appendix 3 Concordance for Quotations of Chauvin 18921922
Appendix 4 International TaleTypes Corresponding to the System of The Types of the Folktale
Appendix 5 Narrative Motifs According to Stith Thompsons MotifIndex
Appendix 6 Concordance for Quotations from Arabia ridens
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Ulrich Marzolph, PhD, is professor of Islamic studies at the Georg-August University, Göttingen, Germany, and a senior member of the editorial committee of the Enzyklopädie des Märchens.

Richard van Leeuwen, PhD, is associate professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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