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PRINTED BY Fischer & WITTIG, Leipzig

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The fact is unquestionable, that this volume on "Rubens" which in spite of its brevity, has gone through seven editions in Germany, in less than ten years still holds its own, beside more elaborate and ambitious Works, published since on this great Flemish master. Its convenient form, Combined with its numerous and attractive illustrations, have proved it to be well adapted as a guide to his work: and especially to assist students who, desirous of understanding him thoroughly, direct their steps to those places, wherein he has principally left his mark.

Fully recognizing the importance of a perfect rendering of this work, and in order also to do justice to the author himself, I have been glad to obtain the assistance of so distinguished a writer as Mr. Hobart Cust in the revision of the English phraseology, so that, while retaining the meaning of the German original in its integrity, the differences in the two languages might be adequately overcome.

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