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"THE DECLINE AND FALL OF THE UPPER WEST SIDE: How the Poverty Industry is Ripping Apart a Great Neighborhood" discloses a problem that continues to grow at the present time, 11 November 2010.However, Jeffry Goldberg did not describe the most despised and darkest members of America's society as terrified human beings who have no family nor friends to offer to them food and shelter until they can be employed. Nearly all of them are African-Americans or appear to be so. Indeed, this is a story about the Holocaust of so many who suffered from the results of poverty, indifference, loathing, racism, an ignored unofficial caste system, and most of all the legacy of slavery in New York City. They are in the embrace of social workers who knowingly and passionately have that "vested interest in human failure" that Goldberg described Professor Siegel (p.39) as having said. Indeed, in addition to this legacy of slavery, they are all very clearly and very fearfully aware of these insidious paragons of hypocracy, these hideous false friends.
I AM WRITING FROM ONE OF THESE WHAREHOUSES ON THE UPPER WEST SIDE. It has income limits, and is advertised as having a landlord that is the largest of all tenant advocacy groups: The Met Council (The Metropolitan Council on Housing). It was, instead, a group of the most powerful of all landlords, a group that has been lavishly subsidized by government (The Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty). The tenant's are poor elderly persons who are required to be treated with the most lavish perfunctory curtesies that I have ever known. The lobby is as sumptuous as the lobbies in the surrounding buildings. However, that is where the party ends. Beyond the polite greetings, is the unremitting regard that allows many very elderly African-American and White Goy tenants to be regarded as though they were "runaway step children." This abusive tone never ends, and it is even more evident among the African-American security guards who are sometimes posted at the front door. They may refer to me as "Chief" or "Sport", and the gratuitous intimidating glares are unmistakable and disconcerting. The tenants here are often poor Jews from Eastern European families, very course and distempered Hispanics, or truculent little Chinese women who fear and hate each other. The social workers and the heads of the tenant accociation here all, very plainly, work directly for the landlord. Of course, when it becomes very cold there is a plainly unlawful amount of heat. The social workers solemnly refuse to have the landlord pay for a lawful amount of heat. The exsuses are outrageous. Far more outrageous are the policies of the city government that virtually disregard the worst heat complaints, while the bureaucrats allege that they do an excellent job. The courts have legal assistants and judges who are usually landlords themselves, and they are permitted by their fraternity to be as arbitrary as ones imagination can allow. Organized crime and fraudulent fanancial dealings are extremely protected and extremely involved. Indeed, many books can document only a narrow view of the massive stealing from the public. Is there any wonder why "drastic cuts must be made"?
So Jeffry Goldberg did allow, to public scrutiny, an extremely distorted and timid peek at the real American society. It was so much better than being marginalized and forgotten.

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